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The Gackt Icontest


The Gackt Camui Icontest
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Welcome to the Gackt Camui Icontest! Gackt Camui is a Jrock
artist, his band is called GacktJOB. He looks like a girl, but
he isn't! =D Gackt = <3 COME JOIN THE ICON MADNESS! :D

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Mod: minoticons!
Co-Mod: abrynne
Banner makers: minoticons & theshiz

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
(01) Icons must be 100x100
(02) File size must be less than 40k
(03) File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG
(04) Icons will be submitted to the challenge post through comments
(05) Respect the your Mod and Members
(06) You must be a member to vote
(07) Please have you submitted icon be new, just for the challenge.
(08) If you see an icon that you would like to use, ask a mod to tell you who made it
and then get the designers permission.
(09) Don't vote for yourself
(10) Only Members may vote.
(11) Have fun!

Monday-Friday - Accepting submissions
Friday night to Sunday night - Voting
Sunday: Winners announced

There will be four winners announced, first place, second place,
third place and Mods choice. I will be making the banners alone currently.. :(

Your icon should look like this when you enter

URL: http://tinypic.com/fo18c8.png

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Challenge 01 - Pictures - minoticons
Challenge 02 - Hush - williska
Challenge 03 - PiP - theshiz
Challenge 04 - Pictures - gacktomania
Challenge 05 - Cropping - retroism
Challenge 06 - Malice Mizer - retroism
Challenge 07 - Tiny text - retroism

Hall of fame is where our contestants go when they have won first place 3 or more times

For Challenge five, six and seven - retroism

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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